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BE AskED to

when he was asked to do the housework, Tom always feels angry.

be asked to do sth 表示“被要求/请求做某事”,asked 是ask的过去分词,be + 过去分词 构成被动语态,asked在句中是谓语动词,并非表语。 祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)……

Should teenagers be asked to move out when they start working?In many Western countries,teenagers are allowed to move out at sixteen or seventeen.Their ...

I am asked to sing a song at the party.


应该是sb be asked to do,被动句式不能去掉原词组的to。

你好:为你提供精确解答 翻译为:十分荣幸能让我在这里讲话。 great honor to do sth固定句型。 ask sb to do sth变为被动:be asked to do sth. 谢谢,不懂可追问 学习宝典团队为你解答

I was asked to make a speech. 这是个被动语态的句子

In this test, we’re asked to write a passage of about ______. A.80-words B.80-word C.80 words D.80 words’ 选择B 80-word. 我们要写一篇80字左右的文章。

你被要求在你第一次购买前登记 双语对照 例句: 1. That attitude might be enough to get you your first job or keep you employed, but it will never make you rich. 这个态度也许对找到一份工作或者保住一份工作来说足够了,但是你绝不会这...

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