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My SChool liFE 英语作文60个词

My School Life Hi!I'm Zhou Jinru,a student of Class 4,Grade 7.At school ,my teachers are very friendly to me.My school life is very interesting.I like it very much. Classes begin at 8:00a.m, I have four classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I have

A kind person in my school life Jane is a kind person,he likes to help others very much.When we meet problems in study,we all like to ask for him,he always explains to us in

参考如下:My school life Hello!My name is Tom ,I'm a student of NO.7 Middle school ,I like my school ,because my school life is very interesting.I like my classmates and teachers.They are very friendly.Classes begin at 8:00.I have four classes in

My school life I must go to school by school bus every week day . And I get school at 6:45. I have 4 lessons i the morning. I have a break when I have 45 minutes class. I have lunch at school ,but I don't like school lunch ,It's not good to taste . In the

my school life hi! everyone,my name is wang feng.i am a student.i like my school life very is interesting and the morning,i always go to school early,about 7 :15.every day,i have 8 school begins at 7 am.and finishes at

I think my school life is very colorful. Every day, I go to school to have classes with my classmates and dear teachers. I like be there with them. Not only have I learned knowledge, but also share the happiness together. In the spare time ,we also do some sports games. I en工担遁杆墚访蛾诗阀涧joy my school life very much.

i like going to school very much, because i am happy in school, i can learn knowledge from teachers.they are always kind to me.having class is interesting.i like answering questions in class.i am proud to get the right answers.besides, i am

I'm a middle school student. I get up at half past six. Then I walk to school. Classes begin at eight o'clock. I have four classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon. I have lunch at twelve in school cafeteria. At around five, I go back home.This is my school life.

my life in the future will be colorful. i'm going to be a good doctor after i graduate from the university. i believe i'll bring my family health and my spare time,i'll stay with my family.we'll travel a lot and do lots of sports.i'll also read as many

My school life Hello! My name is Tom , I'm a student of NO.7 Middle school , I like my school , because my school life is very interesting. I like my classmates and teachers. They are very friendly. Classes begin at 8:00. I have four classes in the

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