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有良好的英语基础 用英语怎么说谢谢了,大神帮忙啊

有良好的英语基础 Have good command of English. Have good b

only myself

well She can't sing very well. 满意请采纳

用good就可以表达意思了 比如具有观赏性的表演 a good performance

The pieces of you forever in the heart in me 记得采纳

您好,可说为:The class which I am in is Class 13,Grade 1

Have you got a fire?

Don't tell my ye English, or you'll be sor

字数有点长,请你耐心点读: 说老实话要想掌握一种语言在缺乏必要的语言环境的条件下实在没有什么捷径可走

There are sentimental Dali .

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